Friday, March 23, 2012

Detox Diet - Day 3

I decided to take the day off of work to take time and reflect. I had quite a wonderful morning sitting on my back porch. Not doing much, just looking at the river and buds on the trees. Some of our perennials are coming up. I am glad that I took the time to notice. So much goes on under our noses - things that we take for granted or things that may not seem important in our regular hustle and bustle.

The river also rose this week, new meltings from the north, here to sweep away what the winter left on its shores.

All of these spring happenings got me thinking about humans and how/if we bloom and flower in the spring. Do we go through as large of a change? I feel blessed this week to have the sun and warm weather to spread my leaves and grow.

I am really settling into the food. When I need a little something sweet, I drink a bit of organic apple juice. I have not used any salt, pepper, or any other spices. Anyone who knows me understands that is very unlike me. I already have a feeling that I will be eating much more simply when this diet is done. I feel so clean and alert. I picked up the tea mixture from the herbalist today. It is steeping as I type. I'll tell you all about it tomorrow.

What I learned today:

- I can eat simple food

- Everything seems clearer

- Tea mixtures from herbalists look illegal

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