Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Detox Diet - Day 1

I woke up this morning hungry- so I was immediately skeptical of how my day was going to go. One of the hardest parts of the morning was drinking 2 glasses of water before eating anything. I was able to get down 1 glass of water before leaving, and got the other one down in the car.

After getting to work, I allowed myself to gorge on fruit - we are allowed, after all to eat as much as we want. Two grapefruits and a kiwi later, I felt amazing and completely alive. I had my mid morning snack all prepared - I made my homemade apple sauce, but I put it in a container that apparently last held tomato sauce - and I could taste it. Regardless, starting the day with fruit really left me energized and alive.

Before lunch, I took some time alone and meditated for a half an hour. My energy felt so different. Almost like it was flowing backward. I wonder if this is because of the amount of citrus I ate, or perhaps it was that I had not eaten any grains? I felt lighter and more inside of myself. Regardless, I felt a different flow of energy that quickly brought a calmness and a steadiness.

This calmness has followed me through the day. I did however have some serious cravings mid afternoon. I learned this evening that potatoes may be the best way for me to feel satiated in the vegetable arena.

Lessons from day 1:

  • Perhaps going back to basics with food - fruits and vegetables - can bring the mind back to basics.
  • I can do this. All of my fears: not being feeling satiated enough or not having enough energy have proven to be only in my mind.
  • Do not put apple sauce in a container that last held tomato sauce. Garlic, tomato, and apple do not taste good together.

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