Monday, September 12, 2011

Feel Free to Laugh

I read a discussion online the other day regarding whether or not we take ourselves too seriously in yoga classes. Should we take ourselves seriously with yoga? Do we need to?

I think that this question is not the correct question - we can take ourselves seriously and still smile and even laugh. We are supposed to approach our practice with loving kindness, and I feel that laughter comes from love, it comes from kindness. So, I would suggest that the question is this: when does your practice make you smile? What about your practice brings you to a state of laughter?

I often find myself laughing when I find something new in a pose for the first time, as it creates a certain amount of immediate joy. We live in a world of "I can't do this, I can't do that" so when a discovery is made and I break through a barrier of I can't - walls come down and I marvel at the open world that exists outside of the limitations of my mind. And that is funny! A cosmic joke.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Happy Yoga Month - Strike a Pose

Did you know that September is yoga month? How exactly does one celebrate yoga month?

Here is what I propose:

Find time to build at least 5 minutes of yoga into your daily life
  • Try a few breathing exercises at your desk - I shared a Breathe Out Stress video from Gaiam (with Rodney Yee) on my Facebook page - Paul Menard Yoga. A simple five minutes that will help you relieve stress at work.

  • Do a few sun salutations before getting into the shower in the morning - you can also find a "how to" on my Facebook page.

  • Find some quiet time to meditate - yes meditation is yoga. I have made it my personal mission to add some time for meditation into my daily life this month. Anyone else interested?
Try something new:
  • Attend a class that you normally do not attend

  • Check out a new yoga video - if you have cable, there are often short yoga segments on demand (fit tv I think)

  • Try a new challenge pose

Have fun with it! This month I am suggesting that we all have fun with yoga - and here is how: take photos of yourself doing a yoga pose in a strange place and post it on the Paul Menard Yoga Facebook Page. There are many new crazes online - like planking for example. People take pictures of themselves in plank and post it online. Let's try the same thing - strike your best yoga pose and post it to my Facebook page.

Happy Yoga Month!!!