Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Perfect Amount of Sleep

Recently I wrote about vacation and being in the present. Since then I've been trying to bring that feeling to my everyday life. It's so funny how difficult it is to be in the present. From the moment I wake up I put myself into the future. I often wake up telling myself that I didn't get enough sleep, and it's going to be a very hard day. All of a sudden I have created myself a story.

From that moment forward, I am in the future. Thinking about how rough the next hour or the next day is going to be. How can I possibly be present after that?

I read once, from BKS Iyengar I believe, that one should wake up believing they got the perfect amount of sleep. After all, once we've woken up, how can we change that. 

I've been noticing on my morning walk with Franklin, my dog, that I need to struggle to pull myself into the moment. It's fascinating to me, because it's such a beautiful time of day. The sun is coming up, It is so quiet, and there's no one there. So I've begun to take note of this issue. Drawing my attention to it. Allowing Myself to enjoy the moment or at least be in the moment.

I found tht beginning my day in this way chips away at some of the difficulty.

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