Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Month of Shoulder Stand - Day 2

As I practiced shoulder stand today, I couldn't help digesting something that I had heard yesterday. I was at a workshop with the amazing Kevin Gardner, when he shared something beautiful about Jalindara Bandha. Kevin said that when we are in the very earliest stages of life, the heart and the brain are the first parts if the body to develop (heart first, brain second). And they're developed right next to each other, in incredibly close proximity. So when we do shoulder stand, it is just like bringing the two back together.

I found this incredibly touching at the time, but it means much more and is so much deeper when meditating on this while doing shoulder stand. I can't help but be completely focused on this idea. It makes me wonder how influenced my brain was by the heart at the time, in the womb. And if I continue to bring them together, can I bring myself back to that original state? Can we return to leading from the heart, before the brain existed? Is this the point?

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