Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Everyday Inversions - Slowing it Down

For the past few days I have been slowing down my variations. My hypothesis before trying this was that if I took longer between variations, with slower transitions, my inversions would be more calming/more quiet.

I suppose I was right. I do feel that slowing down made the poses more internal than moving at a faster pace, but it did not feel as calming/quieting as staying in headstand without variations. No duh, Paul. I suppose this was a no brainer, but I had to try.

I told Arunji about my holding of headstand for a prolonged period of time every day. He told that there was nothing wrong with doing this, but warned me about becoming addicted to the pose.

While I do not feel any major attachment to shoulder stand, I feel like I am drawn to a headstand practice. I do prefer when the pose has a more calming/quieting effect. Perhaps my experimenting with variations is for the best. I think that approaching the less comfortable is a strong practice - every now and again we have to step out of our comfort zone.

I was reading Light on Life the other day. In the book, Iyengar was saying that having a more comfortable practice does not make that practice better than an uncomfortable practice. Just like in life, we have to approach the difficult and the comfortable as though they are equally good.

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