Friday, June 8, 2012

Bursts of Wisdom

I have a theory that we receive wisdom that sticks with us in small bursts. This wisdom also comes in pairs, or threes, or fours - almost never alone. Today I had a day where I received many little bursts that just stuck with me. Perhaps this is because we have to be ready or open to teachings. Perhaps we have to be exposed to the same teaching over and over again until it finally sinks in - once we get that teaching in, the floodgates open and we are open to other teachings as well. Or, perhaps these teachings come to us when we are ready to receive them.

Today I was reading an article from a professional journal and at least 10 yogic principles jumped out at me.
  • "Thoughts can either be productive or prohibitive" or as I know it, "vrrityaya pancataya klistaklista" of Sutra 1.5.
  • Create a mental mantra
  • Spend more time enjoying your world and less time worrying about how unworthy or untalented you are
  • Really listen. Turn off your automatic response. Just listen.
The article then had me. I was listening. It reminded me of the new goal I set for myself this year: Deepen your practice. Until recently, I have been unable to find the time. That is when the last lesson popped out:

"Time passes at a predetermined rate no matter what we do. It is a question not of managing the clock, but of managing ourselves with respect to the clock." .

Ok. I am listening.

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