Thursday, June 14, 2012

Continuing with Every Day Inversions - Moving Inward

As the days go by, I continue to headstand/shoulder stand on a daily basis.

Two days ago I tried to go for 10 minutes each. I am not sure if I am getting tired or I lost my nerve, but I decided to come down from headstand at 7 minutes. I then proceeded to work with halasana and karnapidasana instead of shoulder stand, as my ego was a bit bruised. For me, I am not sure if others feel this, when I get tired or shaky my mind begins to panic a bit. Typically I can talk myself into working through it, but on Tuesday my mind got the best of me and I came down. I think I also "walked" into headstand with the wrong intentions. I went into the pose with the purpose of "excelling" or "breaking a record," which is not the point. I rushed into the pose without allowing myself to enter the pose mindfully.

With the previous day's lesson in the back of my mind, I approached an 8 minute headstand and shoulder stand on Wednesday. Beginning my practice with a more mindful approach allowed me to stay in and be comfortable. I realized that after being in the pose for some time, my focus became less sharp, if that is the correct word. No longer was I staring at my drishti (focal point), I was instead gazing at it with a softness. My breath periodically took me over and I was able to stay quietly in the pose. It became quite spiritual.

My mind-state changes when holding these poses. Eight minutes starts to feel quick and my thoughts get quiet. It is a different part of myself that I tap into at that point - not really accessible at other times. Holding these poses makes it quite easy to calm myself and be inside of myself. The effects stick around for some time as well. It is easy to stay internal and quiet.

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