Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Adventures in Vegetarianism - 1 Year Later

It has now officially been one year since I embarked on the vegetarian adventure. I can safely say that my life has changed quite a bit. I didn't realize how much until a friend asked me if I have noticed any differences.

After thinking about it, I realized that there have been many positive changes:

First, I feel much less anxious. Around the time that I decided to go vegetarian, I was battling what was the worst bought of anxiety I have ever felt. I was starting to shut down personally and even felt physical effects that were threatening my health. While the first few months were difficult (getting my sea legs), my body acclimated to the new diet and the physical effects of my anxiety have disappeared and I have calmed substantially, making my anxiety much more manageable.

Second, I have a great deal of additional energy. That being said, just like eating meat, there are times when I eat too much and feel a heaviness that can slow me down. Even vegetarians can eat heavily. When eating intelligently without meat, I feel lighter and have a great storehouse of energy - even more than I had originally felt or expected.

Third, eating outside of the realm of my "typical" diet has opened me up to trying many new things and eating foods I would never have tried before. Vegetarianism has been the gateway drug to healthier living - including adventures in growing vegetables and herbs, making my own herbal tea, cutting sugar, and more. 

That being said, I still feel new to the meatless world. I am still surprised on occasion by foods that have dehydrated chicken as an ingredient. (Why would anyone want to dehydrate a chicken? just saying). And I still struggle with a few things - for example eggs. I am considering the removal of eggs from my diet, but am ignorant of what food products contain eggs. I am, however, encouraged to learn more and continue to make healthy decisions. Overall, I am incredibly grateful for the decision and look forward to continuing with the adventure.

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