Thursday, February 23, 2012

Opening Your Heart - Not Just for Valentines Day

In my classes this month, we have been working on opening the heart. It all began on valentines day. I told my students that theme of the class would be opening the heart. This idea, of course, got a few comments. "That is so sweet" and "oh! that is so nice." I have to admit, I was proud of myself. I thought this was a fun idea. Something I was happy to find afterward, was that my students realized a change in themselves the next day - and not just physical changes.

Part of what asana, or our physical practice, gives us is the ability to stand tall and throw our shoulders back. This is something we have been told since we were children. My father always told me to stand tall and reminded me not to slouch. There is some real wisdom there. Anyone who has spent time working on their posture realizes that there is a certain confidence that comes with standing tall.

By physically opening the chest, we stand taller. The effects are a brightness of energy and an openness, which I like to refer to as an opening of the heart. Once your chest is open, you will find that there is a confidence and so much more. With that brightness and that confidence comes the ability to open yourself to others. You will also be surprised how open others are open themselves to you. That brightness, that energy, is infectious.

This is exactly what my students felt. The next day, they felt bright and open and others noticed it. Try it yourselves. Open your mind to opening your chest and opening your heart.

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